Porsche Cayman

At first glance, the 2014 Cayman seems like the essence of Porsche: A simple, fast, gorgeous coupe that stays glued to the pavement.

Other familiar hallmarks include a flat-six engine behind the driver; a trunk in front, under a sloping hood and that raspy growl that’s been broadcast through the tailpipes of Porsches for half a century. And that’s what makes the Cayman so refreshing: It’s just a Porsche, true to the heritage, offered in a version with everything you need, nothing you don’t, at a price attainable by mortals.

To give this beauty a little more to gloat about, we chose to add some super light weight wheels and wider tires. We turned to our friends a PUR Wheels for their latest offering, PUR 1NE.RS. The wheel centers have been redesigned with lightweight pocketing and more defined spoke ends to make them lighter than ever. The weight saving changes are subtle yet very sleek. We mated these wheels with H&R springs to achieve a lower center of gravity resulting in better handling and a much more aggressive stance.

We opted for the Agency-Power Headers and Muffler System to summon all the hiding ponies in the power plant. Along with them comes a beautiful exhaust note that is like music to the ear.

Stay tuned and we have a few ideas left for IA Project Kampfmesser.

PUR 1NE.RS, 20×8.5 20×10.5 | 245.35.20, 305.30.20 Michelin Super Sports

H&R Sport Springs

Agency-Power High Flow Cat Headers and Agency-Power Exhaust Muffler System