Mercedes SL550 Brabus

The long awaited new SL Mercedes-Benz has finally hit our shores. We were looking forward to getting our hands on this BiTurbo beast and here it is.

We turned to the Mercedes-Benz experts at Brabus who shipped over a new remapped ECU and intercoolers. This SL550 is now capable of reaching a top speed of 201MPH plus! Wheels were next on the list. A set of staggered 20″ CEC C882 Forged wheels now fill the wheel wells. Brabus lowering springs were installed to compliment the new look.

Photos were taken at the exclusive Magna Golf Club, enjoy.

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20×9 20×11 CEC C882 Forged Monoblock

Brabus Lowering Springs

Brabus ECU
Brabus Intercoolers