Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe

Einsatz — duty, mission, deployment, action. This was the definition given to us. Sitting before us was a 2013 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG to serve as a daily driver and a weekend track warrior. These are just the type of builds we like.

We looked at getting more juice out of the already potent power plant, so an Agency Power Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust System and section 1 mid pipes were installed. The Agency Power valve controlled exhaust gives the user the ability to control the performance and sound of the exhaust with the push of a button. The high quality dual 2.75”, TIG welded stainless steel system is like fitting an OEM component to your vehicle. At the push of a remote button, a valve opens up on each muffler giving you a race mode with maximum performance. Where other exhausts are always loud, the Agency Power exhaust can be loud only when you want it, giving you a roaring V8 sound, or toned down mode for smooth city or freeway cruising. We made sure the exhaust was fully taken advantage of by getting an aggressive custom ECU tune for free up every last bit of HP from the beast. Sitting at the 500 HP mark we were comfortable moving on.

All that power means nothing at the track unless you can plant it to the tarmac. We obviously needed new light weight wheels and wider tires. A set of 19″ PUR wheels were custom made in a Mono Block configuration finished in Modern Black. How about each wheel weighing in at 18LBS front and 20LBS for weight savings? That’ll do! A set of Michelin Super Sports were wrapped around those forged beauties.

Suspension was tweaked via a new set of H&R Coil Overs giving the owner the freedom to dial in ride height and compliance as he wishes for track days and road trips.

We await some Aero pieces to arrive from our friends at Mode Carbon to help with the drag coefficient at track speeds. A front lip, and rear diffuser are in development.

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