Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4



Meeting a Lamborghini Gallardo in person is quite an event, the car’s presence creates the kind of feeling that instantly sharpens all your senses, awakening the instincts even in the most tame of personalities.

Yet, time after time Gallardo owners want more. We are a always more than happy to oblige. First on the list of mods is a gorgeous set of 20″ forged PUR monblock wheels from the RS series, RS05, finished in gloss anthracite. KW coilovers were installed and provided the desired stance. A DMC carbon fiber rear diffuser helps in the aero dynamics department and also looks extremely aggressive.

Exhaust and an ECU tune is a must on any Lamborghini, we installed a DMC TITAV Titanium Exhaust and a bespoke ecu tune bringing up the power and sound levels to F1 territory. She’s not done but here are the pics thus far, enjoy.

DMC Carbon Fiber Diffuser

PUR RS05 Monoblock Forged / Gloss Antheracite / 20×8.5 20×11

KW Variant 3 Coilovers

Bespoke ECU Tune