SV for the Win

A special order Aventador SV with a 5 bolt standard wheel option? Yes sir, knowing the car would spend a fair deal of weekends on the track, this SV was spec’d with a 5 bolt application.  Track side wheel changes are far easier with a traditional 5 bolt wheel than with a centerlock. However, the client wasn’t happy with the fact that ordering the SV with a 5 bolt wheel meant it would arrive with the ‘standard’ Aventador Dione wheels. This was not acceptable for the rare bull owner. Thus, we were given the opportunity to create a set of bespoke wheels. In comes Corse Werks Forged Wheels with their ‘Exclusive Design Program’ which allows clients to design their own wheel. Design cues from the SV centerlock wheel were touched upon, bringing to life a one-off set called LATO. The wheels look right at home on the vicious bull.

Enjoy the pics! For further details regarding this project or to order a set of custom Bespoke Corse Werks Forged Wheels, feel free to reach us at

21”/22”Corse Werks Forged Wheels | Design: LATO | Series: Trophy Lineage | Finishes: Black Pepper face with Bianco inner barrel (wheels accept OEM center cap)

Full Armytrix Titanium Exhaust