Ferrari F430

Reviewers find that the Ferrari F430 has little to no faults. It’s exotic, fast, luxurious and drop-dead gorgeous. What’s not to like?

Upon its debut in 2004, the Ferrari F430 was met with resounding praise. Eight years later, admiration for this supercar hasn’t faded one bit. On this project, we chose to work directly with NOVITEC Rosso in the pursuit of more performance. Enhancement of this beast was easy as the components from NOVITEC meshed seamlessly with the exotic. The transformation is stunning to say the least. Here’s IA Project Cesnola:

PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENTS                                                                                                                                         

NOVITEC Power Optimized ECU

NOVITEC Sport Air Filters

NOVITEC Stainless Steel Exhaust Outlets with Flap-Regulation

NOVITEC Sport Catalysts

NOVITEC Modified Gear Ratio for Top Speed

NOVITEC Steel-Flex Brake Lines Kit

Tikore Titanium Wheel Bolts

KW Stainless Steel Coil Over Suspension Sport


NOVITEC TYPE NF3 Custom Matte Grey

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