V12 Emotion

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is Ferrari’s replacement for the 599 GTB and the company has thrown everything at it to ensure it’s vastly faster than its seminal predecessor. Say goodbye to a manual transmission option, the 599 will remain the last manual V12 Ferrari made. The F12 claims to be both GT and supercar, mixing front-engined packaging and civility with exotic, F1-inspired dynamic ability. This particular F12 happens to be our very own shop toy, destined for a few mods at the very least and plenty of track duty. The goal was simple, make this Ferrari look wild and allow the car to sing freely under full throttle. We worked closely with our partners at Corse Werks to design a set of ultra light weight custom Bespoke wheels tailored specifically for this Italian Super Hero. Ultra light weight Corse Werks Wheels, design DUCA from the Heritage Lineage were born, measuring a jaw dropping 21×9.5″ and 22×12.5″. Artfully crafted with a decadent finish featuring Mars Red (120 grit hand brushed gloss translucent red) step lip and Silk Black centers fused by hidden hardware for a clean look. The wheels were engineered to accept the OEM Ferrari center caps. This wheel and tire package flawlessly filled out the F12’s wheel wells while keeping within the OEM parameters to ensure factory like drivability. Increasing performance and enhancing sound was one call away. We reached out to our partners at iPE Innotech Performance Exhaust and they sent us a full titanium system featuring sport cats, x pipe and valvetronic mufflers and remotes. The addition of this system and an IA Bespoke ECU tune helped transform this class leading GT car to the realms of hyper car territory in both performance and sound. This F12 at full throttle is something every man, woman and child should hear at least once in person, it simply sounds EPIC. Enjoy the pics! For further details regarding this project, feel free to reach us at info@inspiredautosport.com. WHEELS 21”/22”Corse Werks Forged Wheels | Design: DUCA | Series: Heritage Lineage with Hidden Hardware | Finishes: Silk Black Center, Mars Red Step Lip PERFORMANCE iPE Innotech Performance Full Titanium System IA Bespoke ECU Tune