BMW M3 E92

E92 M3, the capable and ready – A great platform to start a track car build with. Being the last of the 2 door M3’s, we will make sure it goes out with a bang. We started this build with some of our most trusted brands. Light weight carbon fiber components are used to create downforce at track speeds without adding unnecessary weight. Mode Carbon supplied us with the LM-Series rear carbon fiber diffuser. Voltex made us a custom rear full carbon fiber wing called the Type 7V. A Challenge GT3 front ducted lip spoiler with kevlar under-tray helps round out the downforce. The wheels are the first forged examples offered by Advan Racing, model RZ-DF, extremely light and strong, ready for track duty.

We called upon our friends at ProTuning Freaks to get a custom tune dialed in to work with the intake and exhaust mods which are by Technocraft and Meisterschft respectfully. This beast also has tenacious grip, thanks in part to a new KW Club Sport Coilover Suspension System.

Stay tuned as we continue to transform this BMW M3 with a Liberty Walk Widebody and much more. Here’s IA Project Arminius…

Aero Components
Mode Carbon Carbon Fiber LM-Series Diffuser
Challenge GT3 Carbon Fiber Brake Ducted Front Lip Spoiler with Kevlar Undertray
Voltex Racing Suzuki Japan Carbon Fiber Type 7V Rear Spoiler
Carbon Fiber Mirrors and Trunk Spoiler

KW Club Sport Coilover System

ProTuning Freaks Custom ECU Tune
TECNOCRAFT E92 M3 ENVY Intake System
Meisterschaft GT2 Titanium Exhaust System

19″ Advan Racing RZ-DF Forged

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