Responding to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus induced global need for medical supplies, we are making available a simple low-cost face shield aimed at medical service providers and first responders. Manufactured from an ultra transparent PET plastic, the CDE-19 Medical Face Shield protects the eyes and face from airborne particles, bacteria, and debris.  An adjustable strap fits all head sizes while its flat-pack design reduces storage space and shipping costs. Assembles quickly in under 10 seconds and does not interfere with glasses / eye protection or face masks / respirators. 

  • Face shield made from super transparent food grade PET plastic (same material as drinking bottles).
  • Fully adjustable fitting strap made from Polypropylene. Anti-slip textured surface helps skin breathe while securely fixing to head.
  • Shipped flat-packed to save storage space.
  • Two pieces that are easily assembled in less than 10 seconds. Shield component .24mm thick and Adjustable Headband .35mm thick.
  • Protects against airborne particulates and fluids/debris to face area (droplet infection, sneezing, etc.).
  • Made entirely of solid components allowing for disinfection if needed to be re-used.
  • Can be easily sterilized and/or re-used because there are no soft elastics or foam rubbers to absorb bacteria and other contaminants.
  • Does NOT interfere with N95 face masks and glasses / eye protection.
  • Current production capacity of 100,000 units every 10-14 days.
  • US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) & CE Compliant.


Contact us for pricing and related inquiries: 

USA: (202) 957-3420

Canada: (416) 728-5448