****Also Note – Once you lock your cable to your VIN, our Terms & Conditions apply****

***********Attention!!! If you are NOT the first owner of your vehicle, it is possible that your vehicle could have been flashed previously.  Some companies do things to the ECU processor that will not allow it to be read out via OBDII.  Even if the ECU was flashed back to “stock” by these companies, the ECU still cannot be read.  The only way to read out the ECU and fix this issue is in boot mode on the bench.  To do this you must ship your ECU to us.  We will then fix your ECU to work with the cable and return it back to you.  We have NO control over this or a way of knowing if your ECU has been flashed previous to your purchase.  This is the responsibility of YOU, the customer.  Once the cable is locked to your VIN, the cable cannot be refunded.***********

Installing this software is the same as installing any WINDOWS application.  If you have errors related to the USB Device, follow the instructions below and try to disable the driver signature.  You may also have to install the driver separately.  Installation does require you have administrator permissions.  We will gladly help to the best of our ability, however we are not Windows technicians nor work for Microsoft.  If you cannot get it to work on your computer, you may want to try another computer, different version of Windows, or have someone help you configure your PC.  🙂

If you have a DimSport handheld unit, follow these instructions here instead.

For BMW F-Series follow these instructions here.

If you are flashing your VW/Audi DSG Transmission, follow these instructions here.

For Polaris ECU Flashing, follow these instructions here.

For Canam ECU Flashing, follow these instructions here.

If you are using the HP Tuners MPVI2, follow these instructions here.

****If you are a previous customer and your software application has expired, please go to the Download Here section and see the notes how to proceed and redownload the latest application.****

Getting Started: Once you receive your IATuned Flash Cable Kit, follow these simple instructions to begin your ECU flash process. Make sure you view our instructional video below and follow each step as described for the read and write process. If the instructions are not followed, you could risk damage to your vehicles ECU. If your vehicle requires the ECU to be mailed in to be flashed, you may skip these instructions.  We are always available for support and can even assist you remotely in the read/write process.

Required to flash:  Our IATuned OBDII flash client is pretty simple and direct.  These are the things you will need to read and write to your vehicles ECU through the OBDII port.

  • Flash Cable – This is included in your IATuned Flash Kit.  It uses a mini USB to standard USB cable that plugs into your computer.
  • Flash Client – The software application that allows you to read and write via your OBDII port.  This is program is installed like any program on your computer as a .exe file.  The software is either saved on the included memory stick in your Flash Kit or emailed to you specific for your vehicle.
  • Computer – You need to have a computer to install the flash client and connect the USB cable to.  This can be any PC and we have heard of Mac’s working if booted up as a Windows machine.  We cannot support this though.  Because you need to connect the cable from your car to your computer, a Laptop or Tablet is required and should be plugged in while doing the process.
  • Windows XP will not work
  • Windows 7 requires a different driver.  Once you install the program, access your device manager and update the driver or replace it with this one here.
  • Windows 8 and up are acceptable and there are no RAM requirements.  Each OS does install drivers differently so if you encounter a problem, please contact us.
  • Windows 8 and 10 may require the need to do the driver deactivation.   If you have a issue with the driver, or you get an error that says USB Device Not Recognized, first try to install the Device Driver here.   If that does not work, follow the old driver deactivation process here – (CLICK HERE for tutorial).
  • Battery Charger – It is highly recommended to have a battery tender or battery charger on the car during the read and write process.  We recommend this for those that don’t drive their vehicle regularly or may have a battery with low voltage.
  • Email Address – Once you read out your car, you will need to send us your file (CLICK HERE UPLOAD YOUR FILE). We will then return your tuned file to this same email address unless otherwise specified.
  • Internet connection is NOT required.  We do recommend turning off any virus protection, screen savers, and closing all other programs during the writing process.  Please make sure to disable ANY antivirus software and screensavers for the reading out and flashing process.
  • And…. of course, the Software – Download Here

Now the Instructions:

Step 1 – Save the executable file that is located on the Download Here page above.  (Note: There is nothing on the flash stick included.  That is for saving your tuned and original files.)  Double click the exe file to install the flash client to your computer and follow the prompts until it says completed.  Once the installation is completed, you will then see a IA icon on your desktop.