Instructions for flashing your vehicle

Required to flash:

  • Flash Cable – This is the 16 pin OBDII connector. It uses a mini USB to standard USB cable that plugs into your computer.
  • Flash Client – The software application that allows you to ID and write via your diagnostic port. This program is installed like any program on your computer as a .exe file. The software is available via the download links below.
  • Computer – You need to have a computer to install the flash client and connect the USB cable to. This can be any PC or Tablet running Windows.
    • Android, IOS, MAC, and Windows XP is not supported.
  • If you have an issue with the driver, you can download the driver separately here.
  • For vehicles that the ECU cannot be read on, you will need to send us a screenshot, cell phone picture, etc. of the Steps below showing your software number and VIN so we can send you back the file. Please email info@inspiredautosport.com.
  • Internet connection is NOT required. If you need support, we may need to do a screen share with you. We recommend www.ultraviewer.net.
  • Software Download
  • Steps to Save the Coding File

The Instructions

Downloading and Installing the application. Make sure to hit yes when it asks if you want to install the drivers! If it does not install the driver, download it separately as shown above. Text is an example only.

Step 1 – Launch the program and follow the prompts with the cable connected to the vehicle and your computer.

Step 2 – By default it will say the application was not able to collect enough information.  You need to choose your ECU type.  If you are unsure which ECU type, ask our tech support.  IMPORTANT: If you choose the wrong ECU and lock the cable to that ECU, it cannot be reset and you will have to purchase another one.

You will now pair your End User cable to your VIN and vehicle.

Step 3 –   If your ECU can be read, proceed to the READ ECU MEMORY tab and read out your ECU.  Save the file to your desktop, then email the file as stated below.  If your ECU is an ID only type, take a screen shot of this image on your computer or use your phone to take a picture of this screen.  It should show your VIN and software number.   Then email this to info@inspiredautosport.com with:

  • Your Name
  • Your Order Number
  • Year, Make, Model
  • Modifications to Your Vehicle
  • Notes or Comments

Once emailed, you can turn everything off and wait for us to send you back your tuned file.  If you have already received your tuned file, proceed below.

Step 4 – Now its time to program your ECU.

***NOTE:  It is very important that you do not interrupt this writing process.  All virus scanners, go to sleep functions, or anything that may pop up and interrupt the programming must be deactivated.  It is very important that you have a 12-13 volt battery charger on your car during the writing process.

Choose the Program ECU Memory and select the TUNED file we have emailed you.  If you need to flash back the original file, choose Recover ECU Memory and select the .org or file labeled STOCK.  Select the file from your computer where it was saved.  The ECU programming sequence will go through.  Do not turn anything off, let your computer go to sleep!

Step 7 – When the ECU programming is done, it will ask you to turn off your ignition.  Proceed and click the off button.

Step 8 – Your ECU has now been programmed!