We figured since this Gallardo will be with us for sometime, we’d do a photo shoot mid way through the project as we wait for other parts to arrive. Here we have installed a set of ADV1 SL series wheels (SL stands for Super Light), model ADV5.2.1SL. The ADV1 SL engineering modification combines weight reduction techniques with aesthetic enhancements in order to provide a lightweight version of the non SL modified style. The standard SL series wheels are lightweight, high strength performance wheels designed for high performance applications specifically. The SL series wheels are fully tested for race / street use. Includes their titanium plate SL series test documentation / identification badge right on the wheel.

So we play the waiting game as new bumpers, exhaust, and carbon fiber bits slowly arrive. Stay tuned for the final product!

For more information on this project please contact us at info@inspiredautosport.com