The new M5 is a car that doesn’t need much from the aftermarket. It already has a V8 that is twin turbo charged, 20″ wheels, aggressively sculpted body panels, you name it. But as always, there is a little room for improvement in our eyes.

We kept it simple here. A set of Zito wheels were chosen in a matte black finish. Special thanks to John Morgan Evans at WPI Motorsports for shipping out the set over night to our Toronto headquarters. The Zito model ZS 01 provided a more aggressive stance over the factory wheels as they sit flush with the M’s arched fenders. A few blacked out body pieces and lowering rounded out the mods in the looks department. We added IA muffler by pass pipes to free up some back pressure which also helps increase this M’s decibel level at all rpms.

We cooked up more ideas for this blue beauty and look forward to seeing her return in the near future…

For inquires on Zito Wheels please feel free to reach us at