Lamborghini Murcielagos turn enough heads already and we were given the task of making this one look and sound even better. So we set out to have this V12 monster wrapped in a matte black ‘suit’ via a 3M vinyl wrap. Matte black ‘shoes’ were custom built for us from our friends at PUR wheels. We chose PUR Design 1NE that feature super deep concavity creating a ‘black hole’ effect as they spin. Given that the factory Lamborghini center caps fit perfectly on the PUR wheels, it’s evident that the team at PUR wheels paid extra attention when creating this set for us. The voice of IA Project Comandante can be heard echoing from miles away as the lungs can breathe freely now, thanks to a Tubi Style race exhaust system. We are certain folks will stop dead in their tracks as they lock eyes on IA Project Comandante where ever it travels. Special thanks to 360 Motorsports and SR Auto Group.

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