Our latest project was a joint venture with our close friends at StreetXtreme Automotive. Porsches are always a joy to work with, curvaceous lines, race inspired suspensions and high revving engines; this Cayman S is a perfect example of just that. With the aftermarket support for Porsche being so abundant, one can get lost and confused quite easily, so a carefully laid out plan is essential to reach the original vision. Input from both parties was collaborated and then executed with precision in a timely manner.

We first turned to DPE for a set of 20” 3pc. SP series wheels, model SC10 in a custom matte black finish. Suspension tuning was essential, so PSS10 Bilstein coil overs are now on attentive duty. Some of the other ‘goodies’ are from the likes of Evo in the ECU department, Innovative Pro Design’s IPD competition plenum, MDS pulley kit, GTHAUS for their Meisterchaft exhaust and a Quaife limited slip differential just to name a few. The body styling comes via StreetXtreme themselves, and is both tasteful and sporty, adding the ‘cherry on top’ if you will.

We look forward to seeing IA Project Angriff attend some track days this summer with us, battling it out with soon to be stunned 911 drivers.