Of the AMG cars equipped with the 6.2-liter V-8, the C63 and SLS have the rowdiest exhaust notes. Driving either is like piloting your own personal thunderstorm. Under duress, the engine emits the deep, loud rumbles of an overhead storm cloud. This is a big engine with paint-bucket cylinders that rev as if they were teacup-sized. It is effortless and stress-free, and it runs into its 7200-rpm redline with astounding ease. Regardless, there is still a ton of horsepower to be found with just the right performance upgrades.

The Danish based company, Kleemann, has a long history of tinkering with AMG cars. Their engineers have always developed engine upgrades based on a very simple philosophy: Obtain the best possible engine performance from a simple and price worthy upgrade without discarding the OE reliability and drivability. So we opened their catalog and made some calls. The list grew larger than we expected; headers, hi-flow cats, ECU, x-pipe, new filters, larger throttle body and a set of street performance coil overs from H&R. To create some contrast we opted for matte black ADV.1 FlowSpec wheels.

This 4 door sedan is now living a Dr. Jekyll and Hyde life; grocery getter and weekend track warrior!