Since 2004, Sant’Agata Bolognese has built and bid a fond farewell to more than 10,000 Lamborghini Gallardos. It is the most successful model in brand history by a long shot. The chiseled sports car, with a menacing 5.2-liter V-10 stuffed mid-belly, delivers 500-plus horsepower with just the right sounds.  But there comes a time when that just isn’t enough, it seems most Gallardo owners eventually crave more from their Italian super car.

Our friends down in Charlotte NC, known as ‘Underground Racing’ are the twin turbo gurus.  They have added twin turbos to Gallardos and other exotics for some time now.  This particular example had just that- a stage 2 turbo package.  Needless to say’ there are extensive mods to this Gallardo which now prowls our Toronto streets at night looking for it’s next victim. A stage 2 turbo system unleashes punishment upon the pavement in the form of 850 rear wheel horsepower on pump gas (93 octane) and if you happen to have some friends with access to VP-C16 117 octane race fuel, you’d better hold on to something firmly as this Gallardo will put down 1150 RWHP.  The exterior was left mostly untouched as to keep the ‘Hand of the Law’ from discovering this beast’s evil intentions.  A set of Agetro S250 matte black 20” forged wheels were added for their race inspired design and light weight functionality courtesy of ‘SR Auto Group’ in BC, our long time associates and mentors.  Thus, we witnessed the birth of Ambrogino, the Italian immortal.

We look forward to Ambrogino’s return for a LP-570 face lift conversion in the near future.