When Mercedes-Benz announced that a C63 Coupe would be released we knew it wouldn’t be long before we got our hands on one.  This AMG was born to play! Even in the realm of high-performance rock-star cars, few can rival the profane, knock-your-teeth-out mayhem that is the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.  With a hand built power plant churning out a solid 481 horsepower, it seemed to us that we wouldn’t have trouble getting it past 500 with some simple tweaks; so we set out a plan to unleash some hidden power and add a visual punch.

With the exterior adorned with a matte black skin, adding 20” matte black wheels from Niche was a no brainer.  Coupled with a H&R suspension, we helped achieve a stance of a NFL linebacker.  With some Brabus additions such as hi-flow cats, air filter, ECU and our own IA Design test pipes/x-pipe we had broken well past the 500 horse power mark while giving this German a bark that matches it’s bite.

Whether it’s a track day or a leisurely cruise down the boulevard, this AMG is sure to please the masses.