When one opts to click the AMG box upon ordering their Mercedes-Benz, they can be assured that an elegant and athletic vehicle will be built.  For many that is good enough.  For some it’s just not.

This SL63 has been outfitted to build upon where AMG had left off, with the most obvious of which is a set of 21” ADV.1 wheels, model ADV05.  These were custom built with a brushed aluminum face, silver windows and a deep chrome lip in a 3pc. forged configuration. The elegant concave split 5 star design compliments the aggressively flared wheel arches and once combined with the Basics Suspension, the AMG ends up with a stance like no other.  The roar of the hand built AMG 6.2 liter engine has been enhanced with our own IA Test Pipes which were tuned via a RENNtech ECU to squeeze out every last bit of HP from the heart of this beast.  With these hand selected accessories installed, Khronos was born.

We are looking forward to Khronos returning to us for a full body transformation courtesy of a Prior Design wide body application later this summer.